know us

Our team consists of five veterinarians and four technical assistants. All work together to provide the best medical and surgical services to our patients, allying humane treatment and professionalism.

We collaborate with other veterinary centers to bring the benefits of minimally invasive surgery to the greatest possible number of pets. Our relationship with fellow veterinarians is based on strict principles of ethics and in fluid communication throughout the development of the clinical case shared.

The person in charge of coordinating our services and communication with owners and veterinarians is Santiago Durán Soto.

Santiago graduated from 2002 from the University of Córdoba and since then has practiced exclusively in a small animal clinic. After combining work and training in France for three years, returned to Spain in 2004 to work since then in reference centers on the Costa del Sol. Since 2015 And till 2019 He was responsible for the endoscopy and minimally invasive surgery service at a reference hospital in Mijas..

It is Certificate in Advanced Studies in Internal Medicine (CEAV ME) by the National Veterinary School of Nantes (France) and University Specialist in Endoscopy and Minimally Invasive Surgery by the University of Extremadura (Spec. VeaMIS).

Santiago has made stays in reference centers in France, Austria and Spain and published as the first national author and written as a co-author in books, articles and conference presentations at the national level. His area of ​​greatest interest is gastroenterology, area in which you can apply your medical knowledge, minimal invasion and soft tissue surgery.

We offer diagnostic services and surgical minimally invasive highest quality to all pet owners.

We want to work with as many fellow vets to complement their service offerings, with the common aim of improving the quality of life of their patients.

Our work is based on honesty to pet owners and their veterinarians usual. This happens to study in depth each case objectively assess which diagnostic or therapeutic procedure is the most appropriate for the patient and, If the case goes, reject the intervention offering minimally invasive alternatives.